Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toto, I Feel Like We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Yes, I don't come from Kansas and yes, I don't have a dog named Toto; but one thing that is for certain: I am surely NOT in Michigan, aka "The Mitten," anymore. Yes, it's FBO--I am a resident of Atlanta, Georgia (or as some folk call it, "Hotlanta"). 
I must admit, this time last year I never would have envisioned living my life this way. Yep, one year ago, I knew I would be preparing for graduate school; I knew I would be preparing for an intense internship; and finally, I knew I would be preparing to live my life according to the expectations that society deems appropriate for us
  1. You attend college. 
  2. You graduate college.
  3. You become a student who now attends grad school. 
  4. Once grad school is donezoh, you attempt to get a job. 
  5. You get married/begin a family.
I am most definitely not knocking the expectations that humanity has created for us, I just know that my life is destined to be lived differently. A new and exciting opportunity, a challenge if you will, has sprung up into my life I am so thankful that my entire life plan does not follow society's course.
I am moving onto day four of living in Atlanta and also day three-ish of training as a Leadership Consultant (today we were so very privileged to visit Macon, where Alpha Delta Pi began), and I already feel as though I have learned so much about myself and have already begun the metamorphosis process of who I will evolve into this year. I know that I am going to grow into an even more independent, knowledgeable, accepting, adventurous, and resilient woman than I already am. 
As I sit here at night in this beautiful house, I couldn't help but wonder where I will be this time next month. I will not be sitting in this familiar house or this familiar/not so familiar city of Atlanta, GA. The thing is, and to quote my blog title, "I don't know where I am going to be tomorrow, and that is ok with me." I still have three weeks left in this beautiful historical district, so technically I do know where I will be tomorrow. But irregardless, I live for the unknown and I live for new opportunity. After all, isn't not knowing what makes life exciting?