Monday, June 20, 2011

And So It Begins...

In less than 5 hours, I will be waking up to get ready for a drive down to Detroit Metro Airport.
In less than 7 hours, I will be getting dropped off at the airport to board a plane that will take me to the hot, sunny, and beautiful state of Arizona.
Finally, in less than 8 hours, I will be boarding a plane to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the 160th Alpha Delta Pi Anniversary Convention. 

This plane ride will be unlike any other plane ride I have ever been on. As I am departing Detroit, I am departing a familiar life that I once knew. A life of living in Rochester, a life of having a job at a golf course, a life of a recent college graduate.
When my plane leaves the ground at 8:42AM, I am leaving that life and beginning a new and exciting one. In this new life, I will be living out of a suitcase, traveling to more colleges and universities than I could even imagine, living in more buildings than I will ever accumulate in my entire lifetime, and I will be working for an organization that I so strongly believe in.

Yep, my job as an Alpha Delta Pi 2011-2012 Leadership Consultant begins this week at The Arizona Biltmore.
My home for the next 5 days!!!

begin training with my 6 fellow LCs and I get to meet all the big wigs who are the brains behind Alpha Delta Pi. 
I will be participating in some of Alpha Delta Pi's traditional Convention events.
I will be eating some of the most amazing food that could ever be served (I really need to start practicing my dinner etiquette-good thing I have plenty of time on my plane ride.)
I will be seeing my grandparents on Friday during free time!!
I will be wearing a super fancy dress to a super fancy dinner.
I will finally get to meet my fellow LC sisters!!
I will be engulfed in Alpha Delta Pi pride and I could not be more excited!

Let's just say, this time last year I never imagined this is what I would be doing with my life. I have got to say, I hit the freakin jackpot with this job. 

Peace, love, and Alpha Delta Pi. 
See ya kiddies when I come home.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bonnaroo: Yeah, It's Better Than Christmas

This is better than a game of Where's Waldo.

"The time has come," the walrus said...
90 degree weather. 95,000 people. 80,000 tents. Porta potties. 12 stages and tents. Camping. Mosquitoes and Chiggers. Thunderstorms. Swollen ankles. Over 200 musicians. And other things that shall remain nameless.

The previous statements all lead up to 4 days of pure magic, happiness, peace, and love.


As I sit in my living room, glancing over my Roo schedule, for the 90th time, to make sure I have it absolutely and 100% right, I can't help but remember how I was feeling this time last year.
Last year was my first Bonnaroo experience. The day before I departed for this magical weekend, I was sick and actually didn't care if I ended up going or not. Thankfully, I pushed that devil off my shoulder and followed what the Bonnaroo angel said to me. This weekend was hands down THE BEST weekend of my life. Besides my sorority sisters, I live for music and it is my one and only true love. Leaving the camping grounds of the Manchester farm, I couldn't help but feel sad even though I had experienced the most epic 4 days of my life. I was sad because I had to wait an entire year until I could feel the joy that Bonnaroo gave to me. Nothing can top seeing 30 concerts in 4 days, while experiencing it with 80,000 other music lovers who are just as passionate about sweet, sweet tunes as I am.
Finally, after 365 days of patiently waiting, Bonnaroo is back. See ya on the flipside kids.

Welcome to the gates of Bonnaroo. Some say they're more lovely than the gates of Heaven.

The above link is my Bonnaroo schedule. It is for your viewing pleasure. Warning: This link is not intended for those who experience extreme jealousy or who become easily jealous. 29 amazing artists and shows will be seen by Ashley in only 4 days. Proceed with caution. But it is okay to feel a bit envious of her awesome weekend.