Friday, April 20, 2012

Until We Meet Again

Ah sweet summertime, you are quickly approaching. 

I cannot wait until the day we meet and I am engrossed in your eternal sunshine; and birds, grasshoppers, children laughing, and the ice cream truck are the only sounds I know. I long to feel the rays of sun beating down upon me while I eat my lunch in my chair next to the pool. My lunch of course consisting of pomegranate seeds and fresh lemonade. The day where I wake up and my biggest decision is deciding which I should complete first: dive into the pool for a refreshing splash of cool water or attending the city fair and indulging in an elephant ear that is the size of my head. The day is approaching soon where the wind will be blowing through my short locks of hair as I ride my vintage bicycle with the wicker basket through the streets of downtown Royal Oak. I will stop to admire the art work, families walking together, and the happiness that is permitting through every single soul that is enjoying the crisp summer day. I cannot contain my excitement as I think about all of the lovely artistry that I will encounter in my 2012 summer days: Red Hot Chili Peppers, DMB, LMFAO, Florence + the Machine, 311, all of the musicians at Lollapalooza, etc. What excites me the most is being surrounded by other folks, young and old, who share the same characteristic as I: the characteristic of music lover who get nothing more than satisfaction simply by hearing the beats, rhythms, and lyrics of musical geniuses who clearly love their job of providing heaven to our ears.
Crossing items off of my bucket list (parachuting through the blue sky and altostratus clouds), making memories with my best of friends, losing myself day in and day out whilst reading a countless number of books, walking barefoot to truly feel the Earth, having a summer romance just like I have always dreamed of (hopefully, but this is the year, I feel it), late night swims, running a colorful 5K where I look like a rainbow by the finish line, && being surrounded by ADPi culture. These sweet preceding items are constantly on my mind. They are what sculpts my summer. They are the essence of summertime. They are the essence of my happiness. Summer, until we meet again, I'll be anxiously awaiting your arrival.