Saturday, August 20, 2011

First stop--WSU

Fight, fight, fight for Washington State! Win the victory! Win the day for Crimson and Gray! 
Yep, definitely taking a break from, what seems to be my 945,339,458 page, Leadership Consultant report to FINALLY blog. The post is soups overdue if you ask me.
Formal Recruitment is over before it even began. Cah-razy. Also, my first visit as an ADPi Leadership Consultant is over in less than 19 hours. Even more cah-razy. Even though everything is happening so fast, the thing that is not so cah-razy: what the women of Upsilon chapter taught me about sisterhood. Unfathomable is an understatement.
Yeah, you could say I was as nervous going into my first visit just as a Potential New Member is on her first day of Recruitment, if you may. I mean, you open the door to a house where you know absolutely no one, unaware of what you are going to see, and completely clueless as to how the members are going to treat you. Who would not be shakin in their boots? Well let me just say, if I was a PNM, this is THE house I would be so grateful to enter into.
Whenever someone would ask me what I was most excited for during my time as a LC, and I would always answer with something like "I can't wait to see all of the different Greek life throughout the country," ooooor "I can't wait to see other houses," ooor another shallow comment was said on my part. After visiting Upsilon, my answer has totally changed. Actually, I don't have one answer, I have multiple.
1) Seeing women gain confidence in their roles as an Alpha Delta Pi member.
2) Seeing how proud members are of their accomplishments.
3) Encouraging women to run for Leadership Position because you see potential in them that they may not see in themselves
4) Empowering leaders in the chapter and reassuring them that they are excellent leaders and that everyone elected them for a reason
5) Sharing ritual with other chapter members and actually participating in ritual with my sisters from all across the country
 So long WSU, Pullman, and my Upsilon sisters. You treated me with the utmost hospitality and you will greatly be missed. You will always be near and dear to my heart.