Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is Not a Dream

Seriously thinking about getting an airplane tattoo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Two Don't Become One

So, I kinda figured out that if I want people to continue following my blog, I proooobably should write about things other than Alpha Delta Pi and my life as a Leadership Consultant. I am definitely passionate about those two subjects, but there are so many other topics that I light a fire inside of me. 
In the past few months I've spent a lot of time alone, whether it's in the airport, taking a walk, meditating, etc. and luckily that means a lot of self reflection has been done on my part. Yet with all the millions of topics I could be reflecting upon, I keep coming back to this one topic. That one argument, that one continuous thought I just can't seem to get off of my mind is...How much is too much to give to a relationship where you are not receiving anything/0.05% back of what you are giving?
Now if you know me at all, I don't have the best luck with the men I've dated, so when you read this, it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if you did not automatically think I was complaining about my love life/lack of love life. This can relate to any relationship you have ever had with anyone: father, mother, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, boss, friend, colleague, professor, and the list goes on and on and on. As human beings, relationships are how we thrive and they bring out who we truly are, whether that is good or bad. But although relationships are the essence to life, as human beings it is exhausting, and it certainly can't be healthy, to exist in a relationship where only one person is trying to make the relationship successful and the other is constantly relying on that person to make it work. It's detrimental, unfair, and frustrating
But what if you've decided it's time to cut the cord and see that relationship fizzle away? Is it hypocritical to talk about how that person devoted 0% to the relationship, yet discontinue to talk to that person and discontinue to put effort into the relationship? I mean to constantly say, "He or she doesn't call me/he or she doesn't reach out to me," but to not be the one calling or reaching out to that person, is that hypocritical? How do you justify that you've done enough and tried as much as possible? I suppose it is a reoccurring question in my mind and I know there is not a solid answer, but all I can do is keep referring back to the above quote.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Job?

Finally! Finally I have time to give a little update on my lifesie! I hope this lack of blogging does not damper my relationship in the world. I promise I have been keeping so very busy that unfortunately I have to put some priorities in my life on hold, and sadly this was one sacrifice I had to make. But lucky for you all, I have been adding pictures on Facebook and pretty much blowing up your FB newsfeed with my status updates and mobile picture uploads. So for anyone who is not friends with me on Facebook, I'll be giving you the cliffnotes version of visits 2-6! 
Tref's Daily Affirmations
I love my job; I am just as in love with my job as I was when I first began; I love feeling like I am always surrounded by family and sisters; I can do anything good; I love the house moms I meet-it's lonely on the road without a mom, and these lovely women make me feel like my mom is traveling with me; I love getting surprised each month with new places I'll be visiting; I love the airport; I can do anything good!
Aaaand now it's time for my Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Grammy/MTV Movie Awards speech.

To the University of Nevada Las Vegas
The Welcome sign taken by yours truly.
Thank you for letting me laugh until my stomach hurt and tears rolled out my eyes. Thank you for taking me to the Bellagio water show. Thank you for allowing me to sway back and forth in the middle of a circle acting like the Bellagio water show. Thank you for showing me such amazing sisterhood, as exemplified from your violet circle. Thank you for making me feel welcome so quickly. Thank you for taking me to the Strip and inside the hotels. Thank you for taking me to get Mediterranean food when I hadn't had it in weeks. Thank you for being such a wonderful chapter. <>Pi love<>
 To the University of California, Berkeley
Look what Psi Chapter gave me after Recruitment!!
Thank you for taking me to Yogurtland for my first time. Thank you for letting me stay in the President's Suite. Thank you for letting me watch 45 movies with you. Thank you for talking to me all day during brunch on my second day at your house. Thank you for holding your Bid Day at Sky High. Thank you for working so hard during Recruitment. Thank you for making my first visit to California a wonderful one. <>Pi love<>
To the University of Washington
Throwin diamonds up at Counterbalance Park
Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me to forget about something difficult I was going through when I first arrived at your chapter. Thank you for making me feel like a sister of Alpha Theta. Thank you for letting me laugh and cry with you. Thank you for watching Harvard Sailing Team Boys Will Be Girls 10,000 times. Thank you for letting me teach you the Jenna Marbles' "The Face." Thank you for taking me to see the wonderful sites of Seattle. Thank you for asking me to be your house mom once Carolyn steps down. Thank you for making me want to make Seattle my future home (hopefully I will be there within the next year and a half...fingers crossed!!!) <>Pi love<>
To the University of California, Santa Barbara
Seriously my favorite picture I have ever taken
Thank you for persevering. Thank you for letting me stay in your lovely beach side home. Thank you for being so open to suggestions. Thank you for taking me to the beach, tar and all. Thank you for watching YouTube videos every day and being just as scared as I was when watching Old Greg. Thank you for working so hard during Formal Recruitment (your hard work showed when you made quota, plus 15 quota additions!!) Thank you for taking me to In and Out Burger...aaaaand taking 25,000 pictures of me eating a hamburger. Thank you for being such wonderful hostesses and making it difficult to leave. Thank you for taking us to Free Birds! <>Pi love<>
To Allegheny College
My first College football game everrrr...thanks ladies!!
Thank you for making me breakfast for dinner. Thank you for allowing me to get to know 99.9% of your members in only 4 short days. Thank you for taking me to my first college football game. Thank you for being with me when I tried my first pulled pork sandwich (it was just as delicious as everyone built it up to be). Thank you for driving the hour and a half to pick me up and drop me off. Thank you for my sign upon arrival at the airport. Thank you for talking to me in the student center between meetings. Thank you for watching Glee with me. <>Pi love<>