Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Person's a Person, no Matter How Small

So to my large group of followers, coughcough sarcasm coughcough/#sarcasm (for all of you Tweeters), I have thrown my blog on the back burner. A)I never ever know what to write about; B)my life consists of Alpha Delta Pi, and Alpha Delta Pi only; C)hearing about all of my sorority adventures gets old reeeeal quick; and D)the time I have allotted for blog writing is very minimal--I mean, I'm not even caught up on New Girl, Glee, or The Biggest Loser, my top three favorite shows.

Buuut my life managed to slow down a teency bit/.2 miles per hour, so now I get to write! I have considered deleting my blog, but for some reason I can't seem to move my mouse to where it says "delete blog."  
Lately, I have done a lot of reflecting back on my life for this past year that I've been traveling around the country as a Leadership Consultant. It's funny because when I first began this job, so many people told me that this job is going to change me and I will not be the same Ashley when this job is over than I was when I started out in July. Not gonna lie, I was pretty pumped to see who I was going to be. But I was also secretly terrified because I loved who I was and was pretty much in love with my life as I was living it. The thought of being away from my friends and family and leaving as one person but coming back as another is scary.

Also thinking that when I am done with this job, the new me is coming back to live the old me's lifestyle is bittersweet. Now now now, the thought of being back with my friends and family literally makes me jump with excitement, an excitement that can not be put into words because without them, I would not be where I am today. But the fact that I won't be changing (or trying to change) someone's life every day is what freaks me out. I am making a promise to myself to volunteer 10-20 hours each week when I am home in the mitten. I also promise that I WILL volunteer abroad for at least two weeks. There is no way I can go to impacting lives every day to impacting lives once in a while.

Dr. Seuss said it best.

Never ever did I think that would be the reason I would be sad to leave this job. I look back at the new LC Ashley and realize I was doing this job for all of the selfish reasons/I hadn't figured out why I really wanted to be a LC, besides for the reason that it sounded like something interesting.

Only 2.5ish months left of traveling to collegiate members all over the country, I better make every moment count. 


  1. Hi Ashley! I'm an ADPi from Mizzou (just graduated in December, actually), and I just wanted to say I love your new blog design! I follow all the Leadership Consultants, and just so you know, I don't think we ever get tired of hearing your sorority adventures. :) Pi love!

  2. Aw you're so sweet! Thank you so much for telling me that :) I'm sorry if we all don't update our blogs all the time, but our lives are super swamped with ADPi stuff 24/7 :) Pi love<><>